I met Martyn Barmby during my time at Capita where he taught me about the industry I was about to embark on, how to improve my presentation skills, communication skills, self presentation skills during an interview situation and how the industry works. I now have the confidence to present my self in any given situation thanks to Martyn Barmby’s coaching techniques.
Festus Ifiti, Capita
MSB Executive were able to help one of my key team members develop her confidence and skills in communication which in turn aided our business development work. They understand our world and this made the follow up 1-2-1 meetings really practical and effective.
Dominic Bradbury, Kerve Creative
Martyn immediately puts clients at their ease, enabling him to understand areas for development and tailor the workshop accordingly. This flexible approach enables him to deliver group exercises effectively whilst allowing individual feedback. The workshops are engaging and fun, but at the same time provide very practical techniques for participants to use and build upon. Participants have found his coaching invaluable.
Natalie Norton, University of Winchester
Martyn has gave a seminar at the London City Business Library on Communicating Brilliantly Under Pressure. He gave us very personable, interactive insight on public speaking and improving presentations. Excellent session, I feel much more confident for my coming business pitch. Thank you.
Hugue Pautre, , Hugh's Food and Drinks
MSB Executive conducted an inspirational and innovative presentation workshop for all members of my team. They have a unique ability to coax the best out of the most reluctant presenter and polish the more accomplished orator all within the same session. MSB’s techniques stay with you, so the impact for me personally has been felt on a long-term basis. We will be having MSB back in and I would recommend them to anyone
Daniel Rowntree, Director,, Elastic
Following the training, I had a Client meeting where they opened with “You probably can’t help us..” and ended with them agreeing product presentations, collaboration on developing standards for their industry and sending a pilot job to us as a trial. Yes, it helped. I admit it, Martyn has taught me how I can enjoy Presentations AND Sales, wonders never cease
Mark Crowther, Principal Consultant, , Financial Services Consultancy