Our Values

At MSB Executive we want to be a force for good in business.
We get a kick out of helping people become more confident
communicators and businesses achieve the success they deserve.


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What We Believe


For us and our clients, we want our work to have value that goes beyond the workplace


We take pride in helping our clients to perform at their best by overcoming nerves and fears



We want our work on effective communication to bring people and companies the success they deserve


We take a positive approach to developing people: we will build you up, not knock you down


Our clients can share their personal and professional concerns in full confidence


We strive to amplify voices that are not being heard and give all people the power to speak up


By making presentations and pitches more engaging, we hope to create more enjoyment at work


Our clients look forward to working with us, and we believe people learn better when the process is fun

Social Good

We look for ways we can use our time and our skills to make the world a kinder, happier place


We are on the path to net zero and do whatever we can to reduce the environmental impact of our work
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Recent Blogs

Three Blogs on Breathing: Part 2

Three Blogs on Breathing: Part 2

To Speak Well, First Breathe Well Talking: most of us spend many waking hours (and even some sleeping hours!) pouring torrents of language out of our mouths. Have you ever stopped to wonder how your body manages this amazing feat? Unless you have some vocal training –...

Three Blogs on Breathing: Part 1

Three Blogs on Breathing: Part 1

The topic of breathing arises in practically every coaching session, masterclass and workshop we run at MSB Executive. You’d be forgiven for rolling your eyes at the thought of being taught how to breathe! Surely we already know everything there is to know? After all,...

Why It’s Good To Yawn

Why It’s Good To Yawn

A Great Teacher Without saying a word, the woman sitting in front of me clenched her fists, arched her back, opened her mouth as wide as it would go and yawned luxuriantly. As the seconds ticked by, I and my fellow students watched in amazement as she twisted and...

Can AI Improve Your Presentation Skills?

Can AI Improve Your Presentation Skills?

Our Head of Coaching, Nicola Hainey, reviews Microsoft Powerpoint’s new feature: Presenter Coach. An AI tool to help rehearse presentations? In honesty, we were slightly sceptical. However, having reviewed Microsoft’s new Presenter Coach in Powerpoint, we do think...

Christmas and the Rule of Three

Christmas and the Rule of Three

3 Minutes of Embarrassment There’s a hilarious home video of a Nativity play in an English village church. It usually goes viral at this time of year. A four-year-old girl doesn’t so much sing as bellow her way through ‘The Virgin Mary had a Baby Boy’. The girl, now...

Matter Over Mind

Matter Over Mind

The relationship between the mind and the body has been the subject of philosophical speculation for millennia. Here at MSB Executive we enjoy a bit of chin scratching, and it is a favourite topic of ours. Many of our team have professional training and experience as...

The End of the Back-to-Back Day?

The End of the Back-to-Back Day?

We all know that sinking feeling when we’ve started the day off positively, only to open our diaries and see a flurry of colour blocks demanding every second of our day to be spent in front of our computers on calls. We see this frustration often at MSB during our...

Natural, Virtual or Blurred Backgrounds?

Natural, Virtual or Blurred Backgrounds?

‘We can’t decide what to do about our backgrounds.' This question arose recently during an online communication workshop I was running for the senior team at a law firm. I cast my eye across the framed faces on my screen. Most people were evidently sitting in a home...

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