Our Values

At MSB Executive we want to be a force for good in business.
We get a kick out of helping people become more confident
communicators and businesses achieve the success they deserve.


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What We Believe


For us and our clients, we want our work to have value that goes beyond the workplace


We take pride in helping our clients to perform at their best by overcoming nerves and fears



We want our work on effective communication to bring people and companies the success they deserve


We take a positive approach to developing people: we will build you up, not knock you down


Our clients can share their personal and professional concerns in full confidence


We strive to amplify voices that are not being heard and give all people the power to speak up


By making presentations and pitches more engaging, we hope to create more enjoyment at work


Our clients look forward to working with us, and we believe people learn better when the process is fun

Social Good

We look for ways we can use our time and our skills to make the world a kinder, happier place


We are on the path to net zero and do whatever we can to reduce the environmental impact of our work

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MSB Executive’s Filming Day: What We Learnt

MSB Executive’s Filming Day: What We Learnt

.MSB Executive’s filming day was long in the planning. We had decided late last year to video the team talking about our work. We felt this would be an excellent way to showcase our special combination of expertise and passion. With the possibility of shooting...

How to Feel Comfortable Communicating Assertively

How to Feel Comfortable Communicating Assertively

Assertive communication – some people want it, some people fear it, other people overdo it! Life is too short to not speak up and be heard or to be so focussed on exerting control that you damage relationships along the way. It’s important to speak up, but how can we...

Scientific Proof that Good Posture Lowers Stress?

Scientific Proof that Good Posture Lowers Stress?

At MSB Executive, posture work is a regular feature of our sessions. We help our clients to express confidence and authority by adjusting how they sit and stand. Our experience in the acting profession has also taught us that our physicality generates inward feedback....

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