How We Work

The MSB Executive approach involves a balance of
one-on-one coaching, group workshops and
training courses, online or in person.


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What We Cover

Presentation Skills

Using voice and body language to maximise your impact


Bringing data to life to engage and persuade

Client Skills

Winning your client’s trust and communicating on their level

Investor Relations

Delivering a clear message and answering questions with confidence

Panels: Moderators

Marshalling the conversation and ensuring all voices are heard


Panels: Speakers

Making a strong impact and adding value to the conversation


Building strong connections and succeeding at networking events

Professional English

Communicating clearly and strongly when English is not your first language

Emotional Intelligence

Exploring and honing the skills that make you most effective at work


Finding Your Voice

Developing the skill of articulating your message in any situation

Confidence Coaching

Reducing nerves and developing self-belief when the pressure is on


Business Writing

Making great impressions with brilliant writing

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Recent Blogs

Scientific Proof that Good Posture Lowers Stress?

Scientific Proof that Good Posture Lowers Stress?

At MSB Executive, posture work is a regular feature of our sessions. We help our clients to express confidence and authority by adjusting how they sit and stand. Our experience in the acting profession has also taught us that our physicality generates inward feedback....

How Can I Stop Myself From Blushing?

How Can I Stop Myself From Blushing?

There’s nothing more off-putting when you’re presenting than the feeling of heat spreading across your neck and cheeks and then the ensuing paranoia. We’ve brought together our favourite concepts around blushing, plus tips on how to manage it, seeing as it’s such a...

Three Blogs on Breathing: Part 3

Three Blogs on Breathing: Part 3

Teaching people how to breathe might strike you as teaching grandmother to suck eggs. But there are different ways of breathing, and some are better than others. By looking first at the habits and consequences of bad breathing, we can make sure we are doing the...

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