Dealing with Nerves when Speaking in Public – according to Chat GPT (Part 2)

by | 18 April 2023 | Authority, Body Language, Building Confidence, Featured, Nerves, Public Speaking

In Part 1 of this two-part series, we gave ChatGPT a chance to write one of our blogs. How did it get on?

The task for ChatGPT:

Write me a blog on ‘How to Overcome Nerves when Speaking in Public’


ChatGPT recently passed its MBA exam at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. We agree with the professor who marked its paper! We are also giving ChatGPT a B–.

What was good about the blog?

ChatGPT’s blog was easy to read, and it used many good Smart Brevity principles (see our earlier blog on this subject). We agree with every recommendation. Each piece of advice is sound. Overall, the advice is positive: everyone can overcome nerves to become a successful speaker.

So will Chat GPT be writing our blogs from now on?

ChatGPT won’t write our blogs, but it can assist us.

We gave ChatGPT a B– because it provides good advice on what to do but lacks detail on how to do it. For instance, the breathing exercise is an excellent way to calm nerves, but ChatGPT’s advice to hold your breath for a few seconds can increase tension. Think about someone holding their breath and going red in the face. Instead, we recommend inhaling deeply through the nose, pausing, and holding the breath in place with the diaphragm. Practised correctly, this technique can slow down the heart rate and calm us down.

We believe in the effectiveness of our communication techniques, but putting them into action in real-life situations is crucial. As MSB Executive coaches, we create realistic situations for our clients to apply these techniques, and that’s why we spend so much time doing so.

Although we won’t use ChatGPT to write our blogs, it can help us simplify our language to make our content more accessible. I asked ChatGPT to make this last section of the blog easier to read, and it did an excellent job. Thank you, ChatGPT!


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