Looking After Your Voice This Winter

by | 22 December 2011 | Blog, Voice

It is the time of year when our voices come under a great deal of stress. Cold weather, Christmas parties and germs aplenty can leave us croaking our way up to Christmas. Here is a quick 5 tips to give you a decent chance of your voice surviving the winter.

  1. Hydration
  2. Liquid is to your voice as oil is to a car engine. Keep yourself hydrated with lots of soft drinks. For top marks go for drinks at room temperature without caffeine or lots of sugar (i.e. water!). For medium marks go for low caffeine or caffeine-free warm drinks. If all else fails, try to order the odd fizzy drink between the wine and beer.

  3. Dealing with colds
  4. Most of the drugs we take when we have a cold can have side effects for our voice. Anaesthetic lozenges can mask the damage we are doing to our voice. This is a particular issue if you take them before shouting your way through a loud Christmas Party. If you can, try to survive on honey and lemon mixed with warm water. If you can’t, then do what you need to do but just be careful not to ask too much of your voice after taking your medication.

  5. Christmas parties
  6. Struggling to make yourself heard over Slade’s Christmas album? Shouting is not the answer. You need to literally talk “over” (or “under”) the music in terms of pitch. It depends on the song and your voice but experiment with deepening your pitch or lightening to make yourself heard. This will be far more effective than trying to beat the sound system.

  7. Cover up your tubes!
  8. Listen to what your mother told you and wrap yourself up with a nice scarf. If you see an opera singer at this time of year their décolletage will be safely hidden behind layers of warm fabric. Learn from their example!

  9. Cut down on your vices
  10. Smoking is not good for the voice but then you probably knew that. Drinking is bad for the voice because it dehydrates it and encourages us to shout more. So do what you can on this one but at this festive season I suppose four out of five is not too bad!

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy Voice in 2012.


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