Helping Your Team to Grow This Spring

by | 2 April 2012 | Blog, Team Building

As a keen gardener April is a rewarding month when the toil, care and attention starts to pay off. Blossom is breaking on the fruit trees and the tulips that were lovingly planted back in October are now showing off their glorious colours.

If you’ve ever seen a flower bulb, they are pretty unimpressive. In fact I planted out hundreds of seemingly ugly knobbly fibrous lumps in the ground this weekend that will turn out to be beautiful Aliums, Iris and Freesia in a few months time. They are quite expensive but unlike seeds, each has a greater probability of producing something special. Bulbs need the right stimuli: nutritious soil, water and light to grow toward.

So bulbs need the right conditions to grow. Kept in a box they will stay that way, lumpy and pretty useless. Just taking up space.

What’s this got to do with training?

Well the same goes for your team. There is no point spending your time and money to attract the very best talent, only to let it fester on your open-plan benches so that their potential is not achieved.

Ask yourself, in your organisation are your employees:

  • Given the right conditions to grow?
  • Given the opportunity to put together their own development plans?
  • Given support in putting their development plan into action?
  • Given check-in sessions to test their progress?
  • Aware of what they are contributing to your mission? Are you showing them a light to grow toward?

Your employees need to take responsibility for their own development. You cannot make a bulb grow, only give it the right conditions. But you can give your employees the right conditions to thrive.


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