Yesterday (3rd February 2021) I ran a webinar for CFA UK, and there were a couple of questions about how I managed my set up. In particular people wanted to know about how I kept eye contact with the camera while using notes.

Here is a photo of my set up:
A great desk set-up for delivering a webinar, including ring light, notes above the webcam and a cup of tea

You will see:

  • The platform on my desk allows me to stand up while presenting. This is useful for longer presentations. It helps the voice sound more authoritative and the body language to be more expressive.
  • Camera above the screen. Most importantly it is at eye level.
  • Notes above the camera. This has some key words or phrases to keep me on track. I don’t need to look far from the camera to check what comes next.
  • Notes at bottom of the screen. If I need to read the notes in more detail looking down for a few moments is better than looking up or to the side.
  • LED ring light: balances the natural light from my window on the right.
  • Split screens: the lap top has the videos and the small number of slides that I used ready so I can make sure everything is correct before sharing the screen.
  • Cup of tea: essential.

Do get in touch if you have any questions about getting the right set up for your online meetings and presentations.


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